Monday, 4 July 2016


Antoinette has been raved by many, and only has a total of 2 outlets. We went to the one at Penhas road which allow table reservations, and also after realising the need to satisfy our salted yolk croissant craving!

Parking is mainly by the street, so parking coupon is definitely a must to have if you would not like to incur any additional cost.

Entrance of Antoinette is lined with cakes and macarons on the right, and purchasable goodies on the left. The goodies are nicely packed and deem fit to present as a gift right away. Well, so are the fridge-pastries!

Antoinette can accommodate large groups, but also probably because of the space constraint, you may feel a little squeezy. However, the interior decoration is quite pretty and create a elegant ambiance.

Antoinette's menu has a list of items for all-day breakfast, sandwiches, pastas, and also main courses. The price may not be for those on budget, but you do get what you paid for ya?

Our first must-order dish is the Salted Yolk Croissant ($6.50). We ordered one to share as a side though.

It wasn't as though the entire croissant is filled with salted yolk, but the fluid yolk that runs out of the croissant after it got ripped open is enough to use like a dipping sauce for the partial empty filling of the croissant. Croissant is fluffy and the smell of croissant just flew to you when it landed on your table. Definitely a good start to eating it!

L'oeufs en Meurette ($17.50), consists of poached egg with sautéed mushrooms, smoked pork belly, red wine sauce, toasted Levain bread and salad tossed with house dressing.

I personally think that the red wine sauce does not complement well with the bowl of poached egg and other stuffs. If the red wine can be replaced with other sauces that are lighter in taste, it should work great for me. Aside the red wine sauce, overall is good where the pork belly is being cut to small bite pieces, and both mushroom and meat are soft and easy to chew on.

However, the toasted bread can be quite hard.

Ballotine de Poulet à la Grandmère ($28.50), also known as Grandmother Style Stuffed Chicken Leg. It is actually roasted chicken leg with pomme purée and seasonal vegetables.

Comparing both mains we had, I would prefer the latter as there no/little vinegar taste. Price can be near $30 but the taste is worth the price, and chicken ain't meager pieces.

If you are one of those who love salted egg dishes, Antoinette's Salted Yolk Croissant is worth a visit. We wanted to get some sweets after the meal but were too full to stuff anymore food in. Well, looks like "there is always a space for desserts" doesn't really work well on us?

Accept Reservation: Yes


30 Penhas Road
Singapore 208188

Tel: (65) 6293 3121

Opening Hours
Mon - Thurs: 1100 - 2200 hours
Fri & Eve of P.H.: 1100 - 2300 hours
Sat: 1000 to 2300 hours
Sun & P.H.: 1000 - 2200 hours
(Last order - 9.30pm)

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