Monday, 8 August 2016

The BetterField

The BetterField sounds like The Battlefield, but it is in no way related to war and stuffs.

A cafe that is opened to public earlier this year, and is quite hidden from the roads as it is situated among the shophouses. But fret not, as there are clear indicators of the shop units within the compound.

It has a small shop space, so queue might be expected during the peak hours. I was there around 12pm during the weekend and it was still quite empty. But as clock ticks, I am seeing more and more tables being filled, despite the location of The BetterField.

I was actually wondering if I am to head over to the counter to place my order or is it the usual order-from-table concept. During my visit, there were only 2 of The BetterField's crew. Despite the empty tables, the crew remain attentive to signs of assistance.

I had actually wanted to order either of the risottos from the menu, and unfortunately, both of The BetterField's risotto dishes were not available, and I have to settle for something else.

All Spark ($8.00), which is a cold beverage consisting of peach and lime, as well as poppy. The last item reminds me of a childhood lollipo-like sweet, which you coat it with sugar and it start go popping in your mouth. You will also hear the popping sound as the drink was served to the table.

Nice and cool drink, and sweetness level is satisfactory. But it puzzled me when the drink is blue in color.

Eight-Spiced Secret Thai Chilli Chicken ($8.00). Thai chilli is never spicy in my opinion, thus I am not surprised when the chilli taste sweet more than tongue-burning. Consisting of hand-chopped spices, coriander, and Thai chilli, it might even be a favorite for kids. The skin can be crispier to intensify the wow factor though.

French Duck Confit ($21.00). Duck meat flown from France, mixed with spinach, berry compote, mushroom fricassee, and roasted potatoes. I love the combination of duck with berry compote, as the duck meat is a little bland in taste. However, their spinach does not have the strong bitter taste which gives us no excuse to not finished it all.

Burnt Mentaiko Eggs Royale ($18.00). This is my alternative when I mentioned earlier that the risottos were not available then. Two poached eggs with slices of smoked salmon on charcoal-colored toasted buns, mesclun salad, and a spread of burnt mentaiko sauce. A recommended dish from me.

I love the burnt mentaiko which complement the bun and salmon altogether. Although the yolks are not too runny, at least it is not a fail and was pleased that the vinegar taste is not too obvious.

I believe The BetterField has the potential to grow in terms of it's popularity, and deserve a return visit. Although it's location is not at all an ideal one, but the essence of succeed for any F & B establishments is the word-of-mouth, and also maintaining the food standard.

Accept Reservation: Yes

The BetterField

261 Waterloo Street
Singapore 180261

Tel: (65) 6694 2361

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 1100 - 1500 hours (Lunch)
                  1800 - 2200 hours (Dinner)

Sat: 1100 - 2200 hours
Sun: 1100 - 2000 hours

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