Saturday, 17 September 2016

The Benjamins (Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bakery)

Forum The Shopping Mall, is a rare visit for me as I seldom ventured to the other far side of Orchard. I have been around the area perhaps less than 5 times, and the only distinct memory was me visiting the Hard Rock Cafe, located just behind Forum.

While I was researching on The Benjamins, I was in a state of confusion as I do not know if Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bakery is the same as The Benjamins. Luckily, I was out of the stressful state, realizing both names shares the same address and unit.

Located at a corner of level 1, I was there around 12 plus to 1 in the afternoon, and it is fully seated. Crew politely advise us to to stay around the area so that we can be informed as soon as there is an available for us. Lucky for us, it took us less than 5 minutes and soon swarmed by the aromas of the food from the kitchen and tables.

The Benjamins's menu is crafted for a variety of diners, from brunch-ers to sandwich-lovers, to pasta-lovers, etc.

In the menu itself, there are a few dishes indicated as "CHEF Recommends", and there are also blackboards hanging on the walls for easier reference.

I have knew The Benjamins is popular for it's over-the-top creamy shakes. Of course, we have to order this else it will be a wasted trip!

Old School Creamy Shake ($16.00) is one of the four creations. The rest are Nutella Banana, Coffee Avocado, and Caramel Crunch.

Old School Creamy Shake is not in the menu, and I just decided to go for it. Do you now know why the creation name is called over-the-top and this particular shake is named Old School? A mug overflowing with old school candies, as though implying this drink is more than just a normal drink! Inside consists of candy floss topped with marshmallows on a biscuit cone, piring wafer biscuit, iced-gem biscuits, as well as a pair of collon-like flavored biscuits. Right inside the mug is a mugful of vanilla shake. It could jolly well be a drink for 2, kids would be sure to love it. Adults too!

Canadian Pork Chops ($25.00), that weigh 200 grams with mash potatoes. This is one of the many chef recommendations, and it is really good. 200 grams of pork right on your plate is not a small matter. The savory and tender meat, as well as the home-mashed potatoes, makes it a definite recommendation from any pork chop lovers.

The Benjamin Burger ($25.00), with bacon, eggs, cheese, and mushrooms. Again, another chef recommendation.

I was caught in surprise when I was asked how I wanted it to be cooked, because I have no idea the meat patty is beef. Well, I requested for rare, as usual. I think The Benjamins put in effort to ensure the quality of their food. The beef patty seem to be homemade, by using minced beef to make up the patty. Not use if the toast and fries are homemade too, but I also especially love the bacons which are not over-crisp.

Food is served promptly even though its full house, and crews are buzzing around like working bees, such as taking orders, serving the food, and clearing the tables for the next diners in queue. That to say, even the food is still served with standard embody The Benjamins's emphasis on the use fresh and premium ingredients, and also the consistency of attitude on both food and service.

Accept Reservation: Yes (Only for Weekdays & non-Public Holidays)

The Benjamins

583 Orchard Road
#01-20 Forum The Shopping Mall
Singapore 238884

Tel: (65) 6887 4117

Opening Hours
Mon - Thurs: 1000 - 2100 hours
Fri: 1000 - 2200 hours
Sat: 0900 - 2200 hours
Sun: 0900 - 2100 hours

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